Quality Metallurgical Material for Your Projects

Smelting is a key material for various industrial applications. With our wide range of blanks from different materials, we offer a reliable basis for your production processes. Each type of roast is designed to provide optimal properties for specific industrial needs.
Why choose our metallurgical roastings?
  • Wide Selection of Materials: We offer various types of roasts for a wide range of industrial needs.
  • High Quality Materials: We guarantee products with high resistance and reliability.
  • Expert Advice: Our teams are ready to provide you with professional advice and technical support.

We strive to provide quality materials for your industrial processes. Contact us for more information about our metallurgical firings and price quotes. We are here to help you achieve optimal results in your industry.

Steel Burners

Our range of steel blanks includes different types, grades and shapes to suit your industrial process needs. They are ideal for processing and manufacturing components for various industries.

Aluminum Burners

Aluminum blanks combine lightness with high strength, making them ideal for applications that require reduced weight and at the same time excellent durability in industrial processes. They are an important material for the aerospace industry, electrical engineering and other industries.

Copper Burners

Copper is known for its excellent electrical properties and thermal conductivity. Our copper blanks are used in electrical engineering, cabling, piping systems and other applications where high electrical conductivity is key.

Zinc Burners

Zinc castings are renowned for their resistance to corrosion. They are widely used in protective coating systems, construction, automotive and other industries where corrosion resistance is key.